Private Equity

Our in-depth knowledge, interest and above all enthusiasm for the Private Equity sector has been developed by our team members throughout the years by actually having worked for private equity companies and continuing journey as a headhunter. This expertise typically adds value to the search and selection of the best candidates for our clients. Especially, seen the complexity of this alternative investment class from both an investment process as well as a regulatory perspective, its understanding is key to being able to find and speak to the right professionals for the job. As the private equity landscape includes various stakeholders, such as M&A advisors, family offices and corporate investors, our working field goes beyond the search of solely professionals working at a private equity firm as such. 

Investment Process

Throughout the whole investment process, as from the sourcing of the deal until exit, various professionals need to provide their specific knowledge in their field. This means that the right professional needs to be deployed at the right place and at the right time.

For example, part of the due diligence is identifying and selecting the right management team of the (future) portfolio company as this is key for a successful exit. The management team is one of the biggest drivers of performance. Based on the outcome, new management might need to be hired – preferably professionals having typically experience working with private equity. 



Finance Professionals

Investment Professionals

Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Professionals